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Tales From My Boring Life

Yeah did this & that on the site got alot of shit ready to be opened. I re-modded a magic 8 ball/oracle script into the great milenko. Other than that besides being tired & short on cash things have been pretty normal got alot more than I expected done up on site last week. Traffic slowed down a bit after server change but alot of the members are gone doing this & that, hopefully it all picks back up when I drop these new areas and get things rolling a bit better.

Setup some banner ads to help with hosting bill no major jump in that yet click wise or money wise but hopefully after I find some more appropriate less pornographic ads to mix in with them things will pick up. If I can find ones that are interesting enough to get people to click on shit their actually interested in. New server has mad possibilities just need to work what I got till it's complete then start on newer more advanced areas to drop for everyone.

It's a shame that they don't got a asp version of phpbb b/c it's a great easy to use forum just sluggish when too many people online. But that's pretty much any normal site for you that uses sql db's and is writtin in several parts of php.

Well it's def. bed time for me 1:30 a.m and been up since 6:30 a.m. yesterday morning but now that I have semagic I'll prolly post on a more regular basis Tales From My Boring Life!!!!!!!!!!
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