nfn (nfn) wrote,


lost in my own mind someone help me find a way out........ok no big update here as usual hell no one ever even comments on my shit anyhow so like it matters I could be like fuck you fuck and fuck your or I'mma go blow my brains on the wall like some modern art fuckin masterpiece and no one would even ever read it so blahhh @ you all anyhow it's like 7 a.m so I'mma pass out and hope today is better than yesterday if not I'mma make it better and if I do I'll be facing several years for killing all the fuckin haters.......heh actually I love it I can ramble like al hazir the mad arab and no one would even read it to know about my incoherant babblings I mean I liked *EDIT TO SAVE DRAMA* but fuck him he's wack yea now let me pull this knife out my back....this how it happens every day of my life these fuckin haters are trife every day of my life....

well g'night you bastards :D *KISSES*
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