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well not alot going on shit's ehhhh it's there just not very much.......I got high for first time in a long ass time so high I puked it was crazyness then came the breaks in reality from being high the worst part was deffinately coming down :( and realizing that things still sucked ass in my life not much seems the same anymore at all I chilled with some friends got some neden :\ but it just was'nt the same i mean don't get me wrong it was cool but just was'nt that same feeling.....

coming down=depression wich sucked majorly I just want my life back to normal lol not that anything is really normal but back to when I made sense and I had things to look forward too.. I mean I'm gettin by don't get me wrong it just seems so bleek and pointless at times to even try don't go thinkin I'm ultra depressed and shit's gonna go haywire and shit just b/c I'm a lil outta it and upset etc etc... just things set in at odd times and bother me eghhhhh it's like 1:30 here today was so eventless I mean I hung out with my homie chad seen a few ppl did this & that it was'nt a bad day just ehhh who knows I just hope sleep comes easily tonight and lasts a good long ass time I don't feel like waking up anytime soon possibly for a long ass time maybe by then life will make some sense again.........
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