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what a day what a day.............

Not really alot goin down cleaned my friggin room to almost spotless last night and finished up with this & that of it today it did'nt seem all that dirty looking at it but OMFG was it ever dirty shit I just overlooked or did'nt see... It's still not super super clean still a lil of this & that but cleaner than it's been in umm at least a year or two lol not that it was dirty all that time just well shit I overlooked and did'nt realize was all that dirty.

Shit's still at a stale point with me and lisa :( kinda in an ugh state on the way things went and the way they might go just all turned up about this & that part of me wants things to still come back together and work itself out not that it will prolly happen but would be nice. and part of me understands what's goin down and just has to accept it and move on. Thank god for some good friends jenna, dan, J, and too many more to name right now to keep me sane and help me through things.

Things just keep taking a weirder and weirder twist here lately....outta the blue a girl I aint seen in a grip and never expected I'd hear from ever again actually called me to go out and chill wich was pretty dope I figured after I got assed out on going to pa for the weekend it'd be pretty stale just sittin @ home or hangin with justin & amanda or whoever showed up if anyone but I actually gotta go kick it with someone new who did'nt know everything about me etc so it was'nt me just repeating the same shit over and over lol.. plus someone I did'nt know much about so tha shit she had to talk about was all new and stuff I was'nt like yea I heard it a million times how that happened blah blah blah..... wich is'nt always a bad thing but can get a lil old now and then sometimes I'm like damn let me go get ran over by a truck right quick so I got some new shit to talk about

Internet wise hell I'm barely on anymore now and then to check my mail usually early morning or late night depending on what's happenin...see who's on aim if anyone interesting to talk to :D to check on my pets make sure my sites are still up and running and if there's anything interesting happening on any of the boards then usually back to this & that running around sometime this week gonna tear into my neon see if I can't get the water pump torn out and changed see if that's what's causing it's problem. Then near ass future gonna bother the ppl with my eclipse to get it fixed or get it somewhere I can work on it to get it going again too :D plus I may be gettin my dads stratus if he gets this new truck he's been driving the stratus needs looked @ also though got a bad tps or something in the computer possibly both or something completely diff that we aint thought of...

This has to be the most I've posted in a grip not that I post much into here just now and then when I get a chance or if something happens and I remember to put it down in here usually just talk about it on the boards but good to keep it here so it don't get bumped outta the way and I can come remember it well I'm out for now maybe I'll post more later or next week who knows hit me up on aim fucckaz ninja13187
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