nfn (nfn) wrote,

tonight's update sunday morning

lol nothing really new I did up the new background earlier this week been online off and on all week working on tattoo shops site finally got a layout that's colorful enough for them yet professional enough looking that I can be satisfied with.

Yeah it's a bitch I had a pimp layout all setup that was ultra professional looking in my oppinion but not colorfull enough or did'nt stand out enough for them so had to go re-do alot of shit add colors some flashy animated gif's that make the top of the page stick in your mind for a grip, gonna replicate it and do all the pages up by end of this week and re-direct main pages link to go to it plus do up a php nuke theme that matches it for them also.

Other than that it's been cold and shitty here in central ohio can't wait for spring & summer to come I'm not even much for hot weather but this cold dreary day in day out got a mother fucker depressed like a bitch.

I'll throw down a link to the tattoo site once I've got it fully up and rolling end of this coming week for everyone to see should'nt take too long just gotta jam in some different info on each page, add some music to it for them build that nuke theme and it'll be rolling pretty steady I think

Well it's mad late so until next time everyone have a good day *not often I say that* and will talk to you all later on
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