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Tonights Update

Well nothing much tonight....had pizza hut with lisa before she went home to do some work then went to see my homie Justin. Helped him rid his computer of spyware and things slowing it down alot that did'nt take too long but it was comical his computer has only been setup a few weeks now and already had over a thousand spyware things running on it not to mention a browser hi-jacker. We downloaded the anti-browser hi-jacker stuff to get rid of all of that crap ran adware to remove all the spyware and went and took out some of the spyware's sources hidden on the computer.

After that went out cruised around his small ass boring town got some subway bumped some parody tracks dropped him off came home to sit around look up some shit online, updated links area on my site and opened it to where all could get to it added almost 50 links and will add more later when I get a chance and think of more links to add. I still need to finish working on my lyrics database and get that opened sometime this coming week...but one step at a time I've been working entirely too much on site lately with this & that got the server change outta the way transferred the database's installed a few new banner rotation systems, added chat updated a few areas script wise plus installed some cracks, tweaks, hacks ect mostly cosmetic shit new features most the users prolly will never use or even look at lol..

well it's going on 3 so gonna head to bed gotta be up somewhat early and not sleep all afternoon tommorrow yay!!!!!
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